Why Choose Keystone Granite

Our Facility

Keystone Granite has fully embraced the technological improvements in the stone industry over the last decade, and our fabrication facility is no exception. Located around the corner from our air conditioned showroom, we have an 11,000 sqft state of the art fabrication facility. Production starts with our main CNC bridge saw which utilizes a camera and digital templates to automatically cut every countertop. We also have a second bridge saw for manual cutting. When a countertop is unloaded from the saw, it is transferred to one of four edge machines; which provide straight and consistent edge profiles. Intricate edges such as O’gee or edges with curves move to another CNC machine which has 48 different tools for shaping edges.

Keystone Granite is also one of the few granite shops in the area that has a waterjet cutting machine for inlays, custom designs, and exact placements of sink cutouts. Once off these machines, countertops go to skilled craftsman who work with water-fed hand tools to do final touchups and ensure nothing is wrong with the countertops.

With one of the most advanced fabrication facilities in the area, Keystone Granite brings consistent high quality work to every countertop job they perform.

No matter how complex the job, we can accommodate the customers wishes. We have done custom work with textured surfaces and honed surfaces. We have made granite signs and custom logos inlaid into the countertop. From commercial to residential and everything in between, we have the machinery, the personnel, and the experience to turn your dream into a reality.

Air Conditioned Showroom
We offer a complete indoor air conditioned showroom with hundreds of slabs for our customers to choose from. Who wants to be walking around outside in the Texas heat when they could be comfortably inside, where refreshments are provided, to choose their new kitchen or vanity countertops.
Consistent Quality
Keystone Granite handles their cutting, edging, sink cutouts, and most other countertop work with state-of-the-art machinery that ensures consistent quality. Coupled with artisans who strive for perfection and you have a countertop (quartz, granite, marble, glass, or other) that is of the utmost quality.
Digital Templating
In order to get the most value out of machinery that runs on electronic files, Keystone Granite has invested in a Laser Digital Templator. This allows for angles and hard-to-measure kitchens, bathrooms and other special projects to be templated with ease ensuring consistent quality fitting countertops.
Virtual Kitchen Layout & Design
Through the use of Slabsmith software, Keystone Granite allows the customer to see how their final countertop will appear, and adjust colors, shades, or other veins in a way that is consistent with their vision. See our dedicated Slabsmith page for more information.
Countertop Seal & Stain Protection
Keystone Granite seals every countertop to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.
In addition to the factory sealer, Keystone Granite reseals each counter as part of our fabrication process. If you would like an extended Seal warranty, we are happy to apply MOREā„¢ Sealer with the Infinity Stain Protection warranty. Call our Office for details.
Decades of Experience
Owner John Monahan has been in the countertop business for over 35 years, his wife Lynn Monahan has been in the kitchen and bath industry selling countertops and cabinets for nearly as long. Sales Associates Erik Whitney & Amber Montgomery have been working with countertops for over 15 years. Johnny and Brian Monahan, two sons of owner John Monahan, both grew up hearing discussions of countertops and have spent the last few years soaking in as much first hand experience as possible. Across the board, with Keystone Granite, you find individuals with years of experience and a company that has a rich and detailed understanding of all things kitchen and bath.
Dedicated Service Team
Mistakes do happen and our goal at Keystone Granite is to be prepared for when they do. To further this effort we have a dedicated team that responds quickly and efficiently to all service related calls. Be it a small stain, a bad caulk job, a damaged sink, or any other problem with a countertop install; our highly trained service team will be there to remedy the problem.
Custom Countertops
Every job at Keystone Granite is a custom made-to-order job. This is done so the countertop will have less seams, so the colors will flow better, and so the customer gets exactly what they want. This also allows the customer to have countertop inlays, matching end-tables, window sills, fireplace surrounds, or any other stone surface they wish. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch with a sales associate today if you have any questions about your project.
In Stock Sinks
If you are unsure what type of sink your new kitchen or bathroom needs, come take a look at the line of sinks Keystone Granite has to offer. Keystone Granite keeps in stock a variety of stainless steel undermount kitchen, vanity, and bar sinks as well as Blanco Silgranit undermount sinks and porcelain vanity sinks in white, bisque, and black colors. All of these sinks are sold at competitive prices and are available to be viewed in our showroom.