Countertop Care Guide

Understanding the specifics of maintaining hard stone countertops (including granite, marble, quartzite,and engineered quartz) will ensure their long-term beauty and functionality. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you in this process:

Handling Oily Substances

Always be mindful when dealing with oily ingredients in your kitchen, such as cooking oils, butter, or greasy foods like bacon. The oil can seep into the pores of certain natural stones, resulting in discoloration or a dull appearance. For instance, if you accidentally splatter bacon grease on your marble countertop, swiftly clean it to avoid permanent stains.

Dealing with Acidic Substances

Acidic substances like lemon juice, vinegar, or wine can etch the surface of many stones, especially sensitive ones like marble and travertine. If an accidental spill happens, immediate cleanup is essential to prevent surface damage. For example, if you're preparing a salad and some vinegar drips onto your marble countertop, blot the spill instantly with a soft cloth.

Placing Hot Pots and Pans

A void direct contact of excessively hot cookware with your stone countertop. Certain stones have minerals that can crystallize under high heat, resulting in hard-to-remove discoloration spots. Keystone Granite offers custom-designed cutouts in various shapes, like the State of Texas or apples, which serve as perfect placemats for hot dishes to protect your countertop.

Handling Heavy Metal Objects:

While most metal objects won't scratch your countertops, it's still good practice to lift these items instead of dragging them across the stone. This will help maintain the smooth, polished look of your countertop.

Caution with Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings, due to their hardness, can scratch your stone countertops. Avoid unconsciously moving your hand with the ring across the countertop, as it could leave unsightly scratch marks.

Avoiding Excessive Abuse

Despite their durability, both natural and engineered stone countertops can chip, flake, or crack under severe stress. Avoid abusive behaviors such as standing on your countertops or striking them with heavy objects. Treating your countertops respectfully ensures they remain a beautiful, practical feature in your home for years to come.

Adopting General Cleaning Habits

Mild soap and water usually suffice for daily cleaning of most stone countertops. However, for targeted care, we recommend specific cleaners for each type of stone. For instance, a pH-neutral stone cleaner would be suitable for marble. Feel free to consult with your Keystone Granite sales representative for more tailored advice.