Countertop Care Guide

Oily Substances

Be extra careful when using anything oily. Oil will penetrate some natural stones and discolor or leave them looking dull. If you do happen to spill oil, such as bacon grease, on your stone countertop, clean it up as soon as possible.

Acidic Substances

Be careful when using anything acidic. Acidic substances, such as lime juice, can damage the surface of many stones. Anything acidic should be cleaned up as rapidly as possible. Extra caution should be taken around marble and travertine as acidic substances damage them much more quickly.

Hot Pots & Pans

Do not place excessively hot objects directly on the surface of the stone. Some stones contain minerals which will crystallize under extreme heat; causing a discoloration spot which is almost impossible to remove. Keystone Granite offers cutouts in shapes such as the State of Texas, apples, turtles, any many others that can be used as a place-mat for hot dishes.

Heavy Metal Objects

Most metal objects won’t scratch your new countertops. However you should still lift and then set down metal objects instead of dragging them across the stone surface.

Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings will scratch your new countertops. Try to avoid rubbing your ring across the surface of the stone, as it could leave a scratch.

Avoid Excessive Abuse

Both natural and engineered stone can chip, flake, and crack so try to avoid excessive abuse. Excessive abuse here is such things as jumping up and down on your countertops or hitting them with hammers. Basically treat your countertops with respect and they’ll provide years of easy to maintain beauty.

General Cleaning Habits

Soap and water work well on most countertops. We also recommend specialty cleaners for individual types of stone. Please consult with your Keystone Granite sales representative for more information.